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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Fruit Smoothie:

  • Base - Dairy (milk, soy milk or almond milk) & yogurt (with fruit if no other taste used)
  • Taste - fruit (frozen or fresh (oranges, strawberry, mango or banana)
  • OR flavored protein powder (also as a supplement)
  • OR flavored coffee creamer
  • OR syrup
  • OR crunchy protein bar (also as a supplement)
  • OR Boost, Ensure (also as a supplement)
  • OR a supplement - turmeric (anti-inflammatory) or Cinnamon, or powdered dietary, vitamin, or mineral supplements

Vegetable Smoothie:
  • Base - V8 juice
  • Flavor - hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce (gives it a non-acholic taste)
  • Supplement - frozen or fresh broccoli (I use frozen because it doubles as ice cubes) or cider vinegar, or turmeric (anti-inflammatory), or powdered dietary, vitamin, or mineral supplements

Proportions are a matter of the taste AND consistency you like.
Throw it all in a blender.

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