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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Apples ripen quickly at room temperature. If you plan to eat them within a day or two, they'll be fine on the counter. Otherwise, refrigerate them in a perforated plastic bag. If possible, store them in the back of the refrigerator.

Keep them cool. The ideal storage temperature is 30 to 35 degrees F. with 90 to 95 percent relative humidity. If you don't have a lot of apples, the refrigerator is a good option. Place them in the crisper drawer in a plastic bag with holes in it or cover the apples with a damp paper towel. note: note: I have read where it says you shouldn’t wash produce before putting it in the refridgerator because it encourages mold or mildew, but I can’t remember the source.

  1. Keep them whole. As apple slicessoon as you cut into an apple, the flesh starts to slowly turn brown from the oxygen in the air. ...
  2. Keep them in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator. Apples continue to ripen even after they are picked. ...
  3. Keep them separate from other fruits and vegetables.

from food scientist Susan Brewer: “The longevity of an apple is determined in part by its water and sugar content.  Hard winter apples (Granny Smith), which have a lower water content, last longer than summer apples.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

HOW2 Make An Omelet (or if all fails, HOW2 make scrambeled eggs):



  • 2 eggs
  • butter or EVOO (olive oil)
  • 2 tablespoons whole milk or water (optional)
  • Seasoning: Worcestershire sauce, salt and ground pepper, to taste. (optional 1 dash seasoning (Cajun or Creole)
  • sautéed onions
  • cheese

Always make an omelet in a nonstick pan. 2-egg omelet =8-inch omelet pan, 3-egg omelet=10-inch pan. But any nonstick sauté pan will do as long as it's round with sloped sides and between 6 inches and 10 inches in diameter.

  1. Add the milk & seasoning to the eggs and whisk like crazy or throw in a blender. Whatever device you use, you're trying to beat as much air as possible into the eggs.
  2. When the butter in the pan is hot enough to make a drop of water hiss, pour in the eggs. Don't stir! Let the eggs cook for up to a minute or until the bottom starts to set.
  3. With a heat-resistant rubber spatula, gently push one edge of the egg into the center of the pan, while tilting the pan to allow the still liquid egg to flow in underneath. Repeat with the other edges, until there's no liquid left.
  4. Your eggs should now resemble a bright yellow pancake, which should easily slide around on the nonstick surface. If it sticks at all, loosen it with your spatula.
  5. Gently flip the egg pancake over, using your spatula to ease it over if necessary. Cook for another few seconds, or until there is no uncooked egg left.
  6. If you're adding any other ingredients, now's the time to do it. (See below.) Spoon your filling across the center of the egg in straight line.
  7. Lift one edge of the egg and fold it across and over, so that the edges line up. Cook for another minute or so, but don't overcook or allow the egg to turn brown. If necessary, you can flip the entire omelet over to cook the top for 30 seconds or so. Just don't let it get brown. The omelet will continue to cook after you remove it from the heat.

Possible fillings: mushrooms, diced onions, peppers, ham, or crumbled bacon and your imagination..

Thursday, April 13, 2017


imageAlmost 70% of Olive oils found in the local stores in the US are fake! This is a result of the cheaper, nastier oils from which they are produced. Seven of the greatest olive oil manufacturers produce olive oils from cheaper, inferior oils, such as canola or sunflower oil.

This is in order to reduce the production cost and come to a huge profit.

In 2008, the Italian police take part in a crackdown called Operation Golden Oil. Nearly 85 oil farmers were caught who added certain percentages of chlorophyl to canola and sunflower oil and selling such products as virgin olive oil. Also, this oil was colored, perfumed, mixed and flavored in order to look like a virgin olive oil.

For this reason, the Australian government prompted to investigate their olive oil market. After certain testing of the virgin olive oils it turned out that none of them deserved the 2012 certification of pure olive oil.

Also, the University of California has conducted a study on 124 imported virgin olive oil brands and the result was that more than 70% were fake.

The following brands have failed the test:

  • Bertolli
  • Pompeian
  • Star
  • Colavita
  • Antica Badia
  • Sasso
  • Carapelli
  • Primadona
  • Mazola
  • Safeway
  • Felippo Berio
  • Carapelli
  • Mezzetta
  • Whole Foods
  • Coricelli

These brands can be trusted because they passed the test:

  • Ottavio
  • Corto Olive
  • Bariani Olive Oil
  • Omaggio
  • Lucero
  • Kirkland Organic
  • Lucini
  • California Olive Ranch
  • McEvoy Ranch Organic
  • Olea Estates
  • Cobram Estate

You can make certain tests at your home in order to find out whether the olive oil is fake or not. Place a bottle of olive oil in your fridge for half an hour and see whether the oil is starting to solidify. If solidified, the oil contains a great amount of monounsaturated fat, which indicate it is of good quality. If it does not, the olive oil is fake. Although not the perfect test, it is a good indicator whether the olive oil is of good quality. When you are not sure about certain brands, look for those which are labeled as California Olive Oil Council Certified Extra Virgin and Australian Extra Virgin Certified.

It is high time we oppose and stop supporting such corrupt industry of GMO’s, chemical substances and unhealthy ingredients. Such an action would stimulate an honest trade, an honest industry where people get paid for the honest products they pay for.

from: http://topslowcookers.com/2017/04/11/fake-olive-oil-companies-revealed-stop-buying-these-brands-now/         (warning, their page takes forever to load)

Monday, January 2, 2017