IF you think I'm going to post my secret Chili Recipe...
Talk to me on my deathbed.


About Glenn's Recipes

I'm by no means a chef or even a cook. My skills are limited to finding a recipe that meets my needs and trying it, some times I make changes to a recipe and it works. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes not, but mostly I'm having fun with it.
So where do I get off creating a website dedicated to "My" recipes?
It just my way of organizing and cataloging them. I've always kept recipes on my computer, but every-time I got a new computer I had to transfer them to the new computer, by keeping them online I no longer had to worry about that. Plus, I don't have to worry about losing them if I have a hard-drive crash or motherboard 'fizzle'.
Of course, if I'm going to keep them on a website/blog why not fancy it up a little bit and even share the recipes and information? Blogs have many features that let you organize and index things. By using labels you can catalog, index, and cross-index, and as you can see you can also store links to related sites without cluttering up your 'Favorites' or 'Bookmarks' that could disappear with that hard-drive crash or motherboard fizzle.

My recipes have been collected from many sources: books, magazines, Internet, etc. The ones listed here are my simplest and favorite. I don't generally even consider a recipe if its ingredients list is over ten items. I try to include nutrition information whenever possible but currently my recipe program that computes that information is persona non gratis on my new computer.
If you like a recipe please leave a comment, feel free to do the same if you have any suggestions.

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