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Friday, December 13, 2019

Tasty Water: Hydrate

I've always had trouble drinking water. I could never stand the taste... except when I was extremely heated from the weather or working out and even then it glass of waterwas not good, just necessary. Thus I've always had a problem with dehydration.
Over the last year, I have drunk nothing but bottled water (following the minimum regime listed in the "Hydrate" post below) but even bottled water was not a remedy.
While looking for a probiotic to replace yogurt (settled on Kombucha) I started re-examining my attempts at increasing my water intake after I stumbled on an article about PH water that said water with a higher than 7 ph taste better. I tried Glaceau Smart Water (ph7.6) and sure enough, it was easier to drink. Over the last week, that's all I've drunk and it is still easy to down it. Going to try other brands with even higher PH levels (up to 10)
  • Alkalife TEN=             10
  • Essentia                     9.4
  • Evamor                       8.8
  • Icelandic                     8.4
  • Eternal                        8.1
  • Real Water                 8.0
  • Evian                          7.9*
  • Penta                          7.8
  • Dear Park                   7.8
  • Glaceau Smart Water 7.6
  • Voss                            7.6
  • Volvic                          7.5
  • Fiji                               7.3
  • Nestle Pure Life          7.3
  • Poland Spring             7.2

I composed this list because most waters don't put their PH level on their bottles.
Some will say their PH balanced, but it is unclear if that means they strive for a certain PH level or strive for an above 'neutral' PH level. So I don't think you can trust the 'balanced' label.
Most waters appear to be neutral or below. Below neutral is considered 'acidic' and above is considered 'alkaline'. Neutral is PH 7.0, so look for PH above that, the higher the better.
There are other advantages to above PH 7 waters besides improved taste. GOOGLE it.
*note: Always check the label. Looked at an Evian bottle and the ones that showed a PH level showed a level below that show in the above chart. Its not uncommon for a brand to have a mixture of waters in their line.
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