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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Glenn's Stir Fry:



EVOO, minced or pressed garlic, cumin powder, pepper, 1/2 sliced onions, sausage (half a rope 7.5oz)


Step 1)

In a 10 inch skillet heat oil, add cumin, garlic, when oil is hot add sliced sausage. Brown sausage, season with Cumin and pepper, add onions and sautéed. Remove mix.

Step 2:

12oz package "Kroger's Stir-Fry Starters: Vegetables with Noodles". .75oz "SUN-BIRD Stir Fry Seasoning Mix", 2tbls Soy Sauce, 1/3rd cup of water.

Step 2)

Add more EVOO if necessary, add vegetables, cover with Onions & sausage mix, combine Stir-Fry seasoning mix, soy sauce, and water. Blend and pour over everything. Continue to cook covered, stirring often. Broth will start to thicken… cook to preferred taste.

What I also do is I'll preheat the oil that I put in the skillet and I'll add powder cumin and minced or pressed garlic to the oil. I also put black pepper in sometimes but I always put black pepper and more cumin on the meat after I add it to the oil

1516155788627The vegetable that I use are from Kroger's and there the 12 oz package of frozen vegetables. I use several varieties: the stir fry starters and other frozen vegetable mixes. (these package are cheap at about $1.39 at Kroger's, but if you time it right you can get them at the 10 for $10 mix and match sales.)  *

1516155759068Once I've dumped the frozen vegetables into the pan I'll cover them and cook to the point where the vegetables aren't frozen then I'll add the stir-fry mixture.

The seasoning mix is only about $0.99 packet, I've tried to Kroger brand and it works just as well.

I generally follow the instructions on the packet except that I don't add the sugar.

1516158893273Like with the vegetables I mix up my choice of sausage, usually sticking to the smoked sausage ropes and varying between turkey, Kielbasa, beef, etc. The rope sausage usually runs between $2.79 and $2.99, but they'll go on sale about once a week at 2 for $5.00.

Average cost: Sausage (1/2 rope) $1.25 Vegetables $1.00 Seasoning mix $1.00 onion (1/2) $1.00 = $4.25

*On all frozen vegetables I pick all the mushrooms out, I don't think the high quality mushrooms go to the restaurants and seldom make into packaged products.